Sierra 3.4 Upgrade & Issues

The Sierra upgrade has been completed successfully. Part of this upgrade was converting the collection agency and fines paid data and moving it over into the Postgres database. 
Minor Display Issue:
We have happened onto what seems to be a bug in Sierra 3.4. This bug seems to occur when pulling up a bib, serial, maybe other types of records that only has one item attached. The normal behavior of Sierra is to automatically open the attached record in a new window. The bug is that the record window opens behind the main window instead of in front. The problem seems to temporarily resolve if you move the window to the front manually. This lasts until you restart your Sierra session. We have a ticket open with iii on this issue.
Prospector or Sierra Issue:
We are unsure if this bug is due to our Sierra upgrade or Prospector’s upgrade. The issue happens when trying to run the "institutional overdues" report for INN-Reach. The report will look like it is running for a few and then crash Sierra. The INN-Reach "paged too long" report also causes Sierra to crash. Restart Sierra and the "paged too long" report should work the second time. The other INN-Reach reports seem to be working fine. We have opened a ticket with iii and will let you know when we hear back.
Possible Circa Inventory Issue:
Since the upgrade, another library (that is not part of Marmot) reported that they can no longer use Circa inventory and gets the error message "Circa is unable to perform the requested task". This occurred because their call numbers are in the item record.  Please contact Marmot, if you experiencing the same issue with Circa.
If anyone has any issues or questions please let us know at or by calling the Marmot Helpdesk.