Marmot Member Employee Information Form

Fill out this form to let the Marmot Library Network know more about a library employee. We will use this information to add library employees to the Allpoints email list and committees. We will also use this information to create Sierra logins and computers logins. Computer logins are for IT Services Members Only. We will also use this form to remove library employees from the Allpoints email list and committees, as well as removing logins.
Library Employee Information (Must be filled out)
You can put the library main number, if this person does not have a direct extension.
All new library employees will be added to the Allpoints email group. Any member from an IT Services location will be added to the IT Allpoints email group.

Please read and have other library staff read the Marmot Confidentiality of Information Policy Confidentiality of Information Policy.

YesNoI/they have already read the policy
Have you read the Confidentiality of Information Policy? *
Will you make sure that other library staff will read the Confidentiality of Information Policy? *
Members will be added to an email group for any committee that is selected.
Do you need a Sierra Login?
Do you have an existing login you would like us to copy?
Do you need to be a user in the Marmot Help Desk system?
Do you need a computer login?
When requesting a Marmot ticket system account, please include the library name or branch name for the employee.
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