Marmot Staff

JimmyJimmy Thomas, Executive Director: Identifies new technologies and services appropriate for Marmot libraries. Manages agreements with members and suppliers. Supervises all Marmot staff. Writes project plans, budgets, and policies in consultation with the Executive Board.
PascalPascal Brammeier, Junior Developer: Assists in development, maintenance, and support of VuFind open source discovery layer software.
AaronAaron Brumbaugh, Technical Support Analyst: Provides help desk support for library staff. Installs, maintains, and supports computer equipment in libraries.
BrandonBrandon Cole, Application Support Administrator: Supports library staff using the Sierra integrated library system. Maintains Sierra parameters. Works with Innovative Interfaces to resolve Sierra software problems.
SeanSean Hanson, Enterprise Administrator: Develops, implements, and maintains the Microsoft enterprise architecture for 1000 workstations at 90 sites. Sets strategic directions of technology services, including tactical planning, development, and evaluation.
Mary KatherineMary Katherine Katzer, Member Services Librarian: Provides training, consulting, and support services to library staff using the Sierra integrated library system. Works with the Union Catalog Committee in particular on consortium-wide policies & procedures for cataloging and acquisitions.
SteveSteve Lindemann, Network Administrator: Administers Linux servers, web servers, E-mail servers, time servers, DNS servers, IP addressing, router configurations, and network security. Develops, tests, and assures operation of local area network and Internet Services.  Manages telecom suppliers (CenturyLink, etc) to maintain and upgrade the Marmot WAN.
NancyNancy Lindwedel, Union Catalog Technician: Working closely with the Member Services Librarian, helps maintain a clean, accurate bibliographic database.
MarkMark Noble, Senior Developer: Develops, maintains, and supports VuFind catalog discovery software. Works with publishers for eContent integration within VuFind.
MaryMary Pickens, Workstation Technician: Installs, maintains, and supports computer equipment in libraries. Provides help desk support for library staff.
TammyTammy Poquette, Library Systems Trainer: Develops courses and delivers application software training to library employees using Marmot systems. Delivers web-based and on-site training across Colorado. Shares responsibility for the Marmot Help Desk.
Jason Jason Stow, Workstation Technician: Installs, maintains, and supports computer and network equipment in libraries. Spends considerable time on the road performing preventative maintenance and equipment repair in libraries.

Mary VernonMary Vernon, Business Manager: Responsible for office management, personnel administration, accounting, meeting arrangements, E-rate applications, and record-keeping.