Schedule of Fees (Jan-Dec 2016)

Integrated Libray System (ILS) & other hosted service One-Time Fee Annual Fee
Basic System includes Sierra (Circulation, Cataloging, Acquisitions, Serials, Web Management Reports, most Sierra APIs and web services); Decision Center; Pika (OPAC); Catalog Enrichment; Training & Continuing Education; Email Listservs; Council Seat; Participation in Task Forces & Committees. 0 3,000
Staff sessions (simultaneous users) 0 2,056
Express Lane self-check software license and setup 3,200 700
SIP2 server (for 3rd-party self-check & other SIP2 appliances) software license and setup 2,500 1,000
Prospector fees are paid by Marmot to the Colorado Alliance to support and host the Prospector system. A Prospector subscription does NOT include Alliance membership. Alliance members do not pay this fee to Marmot, but pay the Alliance directly. Note: 2015 prices listed here are pending new 2016 prices to be decided by the Alliance.
<200,000 9,250
200,000-499,999 18,500
>=500,000 27,750


INN-Reach fees are paid by Marmot to Innovative for software connecting Marmot to Prospector. (Alliance members paying the Alliance directly for Prospector still pay this fee to Marmot.) 0 1,020
Overdrive cost sharing is complicated. Contact the Executive Director 0 TBD
Optional module setup (Acquisitions, Serials, Reserve Room, Materials Booking, and other optional modules) EACH incur a one-time fee for setup and training. 2,500 0
IT Services    
Broadband -- Fiber 1Gbps (or temporary Ethernet 50Mbps) for MCPLD Central 50 9,648
Broadband -- Fiber 100Mbps (or temporary Ethernet 50Mbps) for Pitkin, Avon 50 9,648
Broadband -- MPLS Ethernet 10Mbps for Gypsum 50 8,400
Broadband -- MPLS Ethernet 10Mbps for Eagle 50 5,834
Broadband -- Fiber 1Gbps for Rifle 50 4,334
Broadband -- Fiber 100Mbps for Glenwood Springs, Parachute 50 4,334
Broadband -- Fiber 100Mbps for Carbondale, New Castle, Silt 50 2,904
Broadband -- DSL 7Mbps, Cable, and other legacy service for all other sites. This charge is per “outside line”. Small sites use 1 DSL line at this price; a few use 2, 3, even 6 DSL lines to meet bandwidth needs. And a few sites have opted for an additional cable line at this price to support wi-fi users. 50 1,450
Local Area Network (LAN) IP address per workstation, server, or other device (except managed routers or wireless access points) n/a 138
Wireless access point (WAP) 100 250
Meraki network security appliance (for traffic-shaping, site-to-site VPN, firewall, content filtering) 1,000 450
Veeam backup for Windows Server (this software license, per cpu, requires a local workstation or server) 2,000 included
Server maintenance (library-owned) * 450
Workstation maintenance -- PC * 450
Workstation maintenance -- Mac * 400
Tablet maintenance -- iPad, ChromeBook * 100
EnvisionWare PCRes + LPT1 per workstation (Management Consoles and Release Stations are included) 2-5 hrs ETS/site 58
EnvisionWare Coin-Op per device 2-5 hrs ETS/site 321
EnvisionWare MobilePrint per site 2-5 hrs ETS/site 1,000
Professional Services    
Extended Technical Services (ETS) per hour 60 n/a
Pika Consulting Service per hour 100 n/a
New Member project management, setup, and training 15,000 n/a
New Member data migration (3rd-party service may need to be purchased) TBD n/a