Schedule of Fees (Jan-Dec 2016)

Integrated Libray System (ILS) & other hosted service One-Time Fee Annual Fee
Basic System includes Sierra (Circulation, Cataloging, Acquisitions, Serials, Web Management Reports, most Sierra APIs and web services); Decision Center; Pika (OPAC); Catalog Enrichment; Training & Continuing Education; Email Listservs; Council Seat; Participation in Task Forces & Committees. 0 3,000
Staff sessions (simultaneous users) 0 2,056
Express Lane self-check software license and setup 3,200 700
SIP2 server (for 3rd-party self-check & other SIP2 appliances) software license and setup 2,500 1,000
Prospector fees collected by the Colorado Alliance support the Prospector system. Beginning January 2016, fees tiered by library size will be invoiced directly by the Alliance instead of thru Marmot. tiered tiered
INN-Reach fees collected by Marmot are paid to Innovative to link each Marmot agency to Prospector. 0 1,020
Overdrive cost sharing is complicated. Contact the Executive Director 0 TBD
Optional module setup (Acquisitions, Serials, Reserve Room, Materials Booking, and other optional modules) EACH incur a one-time fee for setup and training. 2,500 0
IT Services    
Broadband -- Fiber 1Gbps (or temporary Ethernet 50Mbps) for MCPLD Central 50 9,648
Broadband -- Fiber 100Mbps (or temporary Ethernet 50Mbps) for Pitkin, Avon 50 9,648
Broadband -- MPLS Ethernet 10Mbps for Gypsum 50 8,400
Broadband -- MPLS Ethernet 10Mbps for Eagle 50 5,834
Broadband -- Fiber 1Gbps for Rifle 50 4,334
Broadband -- Fiber 100Mbps for Glenwood Springs, Parachute 50 4,334
Broadband -- Fiber 100Mbps for Carbondale, New Castle, Silt 50 2,904
Broadband -- DSL 7Mbps, Cable, and other legacy service for all other sites. This charge is per “outside line”. Small sites use 1 DSL line at this price; a few use 2, 3, even 6 DSL lines to meet bandwidth needs. And a few sites have opted for an additional cable line at this price to support wi-fi users. 50 1,450
Local Area Network (LAN) IP address per workstation, server, or other device (except managed routers or wireless access points) n/a 138
Wireless access point (WAP) 100 250
Meraki network security appliance (for traffic-shaping, site-to-site VPN, firewall, content filtering) 1,000 450
Veeam backup for Windows Server (this software license, per cpu, requires a local workstation or server) 2,000 included
Server maintenance (library-owned) * 450
Workstation maintenance -- PC * 450
Workstation maintenance -- Mac * 400
Tablet maintenance -- iPad, ChromeBook * 100
EnvisionWare PCRes + LPT1 per workstation (Management Consoles and Release Stations are included) 2-5 hrs ETS/site 58
EnvisionWare Coin-Op per device 2-5 hrs ETS/site 321
EnvisionWare MobilePrint per site 2-5 hrs ETS/site 1,000
Professional Services    
Extended Technical Services (ETS) per hour 60 n/a
Pika Consulting Service per hour 100 n/a
New Member project management, setup, and training 15,000 n/a
New Member data migration (3rd-party service may need to be purchased) TBD n/a