Research and Development

Responsible for Pika and other applications developed by Marmot, including Offline Circulation and data migration tools.

Pika Development

We introduced VuFind+ 2014 last year during the Council Meeting in Carbondale.  At that time, we had one member live on VuFind+ 2014 with several others poised to adopt it immediately after Council.  Today all members except CMU have migrated to the new version of VuFind which we renamed Pika at the end of 2014 to avoid confusion with the VuFind trunk software maintained by Villanova.Throughout much of 2014, our focus was on improving Pika to improve usability and functionality for staff, students, and patrons.  As always, we continue to welcome feedback and suggestions from library staff to improve overall functionality.As we add new capabilities to Pika, Marmot continues to be recognized as innovators in the field.  In Q2 2014 we were featured by III as early adopters of their APIs in both a press release and video

Digital Archive

In the middle of 2014, a critical mass of Marmot directors identified the need to start a digital repository for use by all Marmot members.  The Digital Repository Task Force was formed in September of 2014 to evaluate digital repository needs and evaluate potential solutions. The DRTF spent a year learning from other institutions that already have digital repositories or that set them up in the past.  At the end of this period, we hired full time staff to support our archive and have begun development on the archive.