10/23/2017 - Marmot Digital Archives wins Library Project of the Year at CALCON 2017.
10/16/2017 - The presentations for MUG 2017 are now available!!
10/04/2017 - See all the changes to the Marmot website.
06/19/2017 - Marmot Library Network, the multi-type consortium based in Grand Junction, CO, has developed a Digital Archive and repository solution, enabling its member libraries to showcase digitized collections.


New Marmot Phone System Update

Marmot now has a new phone system. The Marmot extensions you maybe familiar with have been changed as well. The only real difference is that our extensions all have a 2 inserted in the front.  All the phone extensions are listed on the Marmot Staff page.  You can of course always call the help desk and then be asked to be routed to an individual.


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