User Services

Responsible for training, support, and database maintenance on applications hosted by Marmot (Sierra & Pika). User Services also supports online services by 3rd-party vendors (Prospector by CoAlliance, OverDrive, etc.). User Services shares Help Desk and on-call support with IT Services.


Marmot uses Innovative Interfaces’ integrated library system, Sierra. Marmot hosts Sierra application and database servers. These serve 27 member institutions across Colorado including Public Libraries, Schools, and Academic Institutions. Members get the resource sharing benefits of a shared bibliographic database with the security of a partitioned patron file.

Database Administration

Marmot takes an active role in maintaining a clean database. Marmot employs a Union Catalog Tech to clear out duplicate records when multiple libraries have similar records. Marmot’s two main sources for records are OCLC and SkyRiver. The Marmot membership favors OCLC as the authority for bibliographic records.

The User Services team also run several monthly lists to help clean up bad data in records and clear out bibs that no longer have items attached.


System Administration

Marmot maintains all parameter tables and load profiles in the Sierra system. Since tables and profiles in Sierra are not partitioned, only Marmot staff have read-write access to these parameters.  Member library staff are granted view access. Marmot utilizes an organizational naming structure to separate parameters based on the library the parameters serve. This allows access to change and customize parameters like loan rules and load tables with quick turnaround times.

Marmot staff offer expertise with all functions of Sierra to provide members with answers to daily workflow questions or projects.

Marmot also saves several weeks of backups of the Sierra system so that data can be restored long after a problem appears.


Customized Training

Marmot offers customized Sierra training for your library depending on your training needs. Marmot understands that your training goals may be unique, and you may want a more customized training session for improving employee performance and understanding of Sierra.  Marmot members can request training through an online training request form.

Marmot will work together to identify and understand your training objectives and goals. From there, Marmot will help you select the specific skills, and the appropriate delivery style to accomplish the objectives. Sierra training materials, courses, and videos are available to help your staff better understand Sierra.

Members will have an opportunity to discuss their training and development objectives with our trainer, who will incorporate your input into the training session. Our trainer will facilitate the training and have training materials for your staff to review after the training.  

Marmot will guide you every step of the way to build a successful training experience for you and your staff.   Marmot will start by discussing your specific learning objectives, goals, and time frames.  Most important, Marmot will discuss the most effective delivery method and desired outcomes.
Marmot will identify the topics and content your library would like us to discuss during a training session.
Marmot will prepare the content for your training session.  We will share this information with the person who requested the training to make sure goals and objectives will be covered during the training.

Interactive Training

Some of our courses have interactive tabs and markers to help engage staff.  While other courses may have a “Try It Out” feature.  During our Sierra Create Lists training, we offer a hands-on, interactive training component. Our online training provides library staff the opportunity to share their computer screen for a more interactive training session.